Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 - Malaika Rose Stanley on mixed heritage

My PhotoI once had editorial feedback that said, "It's not very likely Adil would have a cousin named Katie - could you change her name to something more Indian?

It's intriguing that whilst children's publishing is much more aware of ethnic diversity than it was when I was young, it still lacks awareness of mixed race families as an important part of our society.
I'm clearly not the only one with whom this resonates, because out of well over a thousand posts on this site over the last four years, the tenth most viewed - and one which attracted a lot of comments including a number from readers who don't often comment here - was this thoughtful, provocative, and ultimately affirming piece from Malaika:
Black, White and Just Right - Malaika Rose StanleySee you at 10.00am for number 9!

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