Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our Ten Most Viewed Posts

We've no idea why some posts get significantly more page-views than others, but as a way of sharing with you a selection of great posts of the past this seems to make as much sense as any!

We'll be starting the rundown of our Ten Most Viewed Posts in about 10 minutes. You can read each one by clicking on the link, which will be in big hard-to-miss letters and will open the historic post in a new page or tab in your browser.

Please leave your comments below the new post - the one posted today, 10/7/12 - not the original it links to, or we may never get to read them!

And remember - there are lots of terrific contributions which haven't made the Ten Most Viewed, so please let us know some of your historic favourites. It's worth noting that none of our ten are from the site's first two years - and almost half are from the last twelve months - which probably reflects a growth in readership more than anything else.

Anyway - enough waffle. See you in ten minutes for the start of our Top Ten! In the meantime, have some more cake.

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