Friday 22 September 2023

Two Ants Puzzled, written by Elizabeth Laird, illustrated by Jenny Duke, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart


    This is a simple picture book story, but a fresh and pleasing one that opens the way for children's imaginations to take it further. It's the two ants' viewpoints that we get here as they explore up onto a table where a child is drawing.

 They puzzle over the fingers and crayons, then notice what she has been drawing ...

... and wonder if they might try their skills at 'ant art'. The book stops there, so its us to up to draw their ant art in our imaginations, or may try inventing it onto paper. 

    An everyday moment of ants appearing, then going away again, but given from the non-human viewpoint. Once we grow our abilities to see the world from others' points of view, our worlds become so much richer and more empathetic. 

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Penny Dolan said...

Such an intriguing story idea, including those picture angles! I very much like the colour palette in the art-work too: clear and bright but not shoutily so. Thanks.

Thinking on, little children are fascinated by tiny creatures like ants, probably because children,being so much bigger, can watch how the insects behave and interact. As well as the 'mechanism' of their strange little bodies, of course.