Tuesday, 3 January 2023



1. WRITE MORE: This one is obvious, I guess. I need to write more and write faster. It's so easy to get immersed in fascinating research, side-lined by other ideas and caught up in the seductive world of Netflix et al. I'll write later into the night as that seems to be my most creative time.

2. READ MORE: equally obvious and it goes hand in hand with 'write more'. This year though I'm going to read more adult books. I regularly read children's books to keep up with trends and suss out popular issues and topics but I want to diversify. I want to read books I normally wouldn't choose and also go over some old favourites I haven't read in years.

3. WRITE DIFFERENTLY: when I started writing many years ago it was all a bit scattergun - short stories, poems (funny ones mostly, but the odd Haiku too) and articles and reviews. I wrote for a newspaper group so it was a case of whatever whenever and it was fun. It exercised a lot of different writing muscles and I'd like to do that again.

4. LEARN MORE ABOUT MARKETING: I think the secret here must be to try to make it more enjoyable. I recently Indie published an orphan book that no one wanted, but I saw merit in. It's been a real eye-opener - a different world full of terminology I didn't understand; keywords, SEO, KDP, typography. It felt overwhelming at first but I'm slowly learning and have even had moments of pleasure when I've come to grips with a new process. Will I do more? I'm not sure yet but I'd like to learn the basics at least.

5. WRITE WHAT I WANT TO WRITE: In the last few years I've felt like I'd painted myself into a corner and ended up only writing in a specific genre for a specific age group. I recently, after a lot of thought, took the enormous step of parting ways with my agent so that I'm free to write and send out different things. I'm still not sure if it was the right decision, 2023 will show me that, one way or the other :) but I'm excited at the thought of the freedom it gives me.

There we are. Five, not super original, but heart felt resolutions for this bright new year. Or will it just be... 



Steve Gladwin said...

Hope your leap of faith works out for you, Sharon. It's so important to be you doing what you want. xx

Sharon Tregenza said...

Yes, I agree, Steve. It'll be interesting anyway. :) x