Friday, 23 July 2021

Postcards from Devon (and Cornwall) - Sue Purkiss

 Not the usual bookish fare this month: I’m lucky enough to be on a family holiday in Devon in the hottest week of the year. (Phew, though!) Here are some pictures. 

The view from the house where we’re staying. Each evening a barn owl flies out of the building on the left, and does a sweep in front of the trees, pale and ghostly, its wings spread wide. We’ve all seen it at least once. 

This is the path down to the Strangles beach. It’s long and steep, but is illuminated by bright purple heather, golden coltsfoot and pink cuckoo pint. At the bottom is a beautiful cove, good for swimming and almost empty. Just a pity about the climb back up - especially in this heatwave. 

Instow, the Torridge estuary, and a great deal of sand. 

Two grandsons. 

And finally, Sandymouth, which has pretty much everything: miles of sand, a gentle aquamarine sea which advances slowly, and rock pools. 

Normal service will be resumed next month!


Joan Lennon said...

Thanks for this, Sue - so gorgeous! And stopping every now and then is part of a writer's life too!

Penny Dolan said...

With pictures of a place like this, can we add "Non-writerly travel" to "normal service" please?

If there was such a thing as non-writerly.

Glad you are having such a blissfull week.

Lynne Benton said...

Lovely post, Sue. We had two blissful holidays in Instow when our children were little, and we all have very fond memories of it. Glad you are having such a lovely time - it's bound to be good for those writing muscles!

Sue Purkiss said...

Thanks all - you're very kind!