Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Happy Christmas and an Alaskan Chorus!

Happy Christmas Wishes from  
the Awfully Big Blog Adventure. 

We will be back on the first of January 2017

Meanwhile, here's wishing you all an enjoyable holiday, with plenty of time for all sorts of reading pleasure, for words if you feel like writing, for dreaming of good things
and for listening to Joan Lennon's "Hallelujah Chorus",
all the way from Alaska.
Joan wrote, thanking teachers:

I love this video and, at this time of looking back and looking forward, I'd like to dedicate it to teachers.  Teachers are a huge part of the community of adults who influence our children.  Thank you for the good you do!

(Elephant in the room - those awful apostrophes - I'd never forgive them from somebody not so sweet, but this lad, well, I'll let him off with a sigh.)

Happy Christmas and a Hope-filled New Year to you all!

Joan Lennon's website.
Joan Lennon's blog.
Silver Skin.


Penny Dolan said...

Love this, Joan, though I shall now have to go and put on a VERY warm jumper!

Val Tyler said...

That made me smile! Thanks, Penny.