Tuesday, 10 February 2015

It's the most wonderful MONTH of the year - Eve Ainsworth

Usually I hate February. It’s a dark, bleak little month. Rain dances through the days and frost greets every morning. You have no money and little motivation. Additional weight gained at Christmas still hangs from your waist like a guilty secret and the resolution to take regular jogs feels like a long forgotten joke.

Yep, it’s usually a month I enter with fear and loathing. It’s usually the month I put a big black cross through, before rushing back to bed and reading myself through it.
 Except this year! This year was different.
February 2015 would be significant for me in many ways.
      1.  I would leave my job
      2.   I would run my first Author visit
      3.  7 Days would finally be published.

Leaving my job was the first positive more. It was a tiring and stressful job that was no good for me in the long term. A job where I would go home and feel mentally and physically exhausted, barely able to think, let alone type. Resigning was like a strange release and I already know it’s the best thing I could’ve done. Yeah ok, we’re poorer. But I’m calmer and that has to be a good thing, right?
Next was a thing that filled me with fear. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger right? That’s exactly how I felt about stepping out of my comfort zone and entering a brand new school as an author.

I’d done events at my own schools, but this was new and alien. I walked into the building, clutching my bag and trying to ignore the gnawing feeling in the pit of my tummy. BUT it ended up being the best. The students I met were so lovely and engaged and so interested in both 7 Days and my work as an author. I left feeling both inspired and accepted. I realised the buzz I’d gained was a totally new and refreshing experience. This was good for me.

And finally, February was when 7 Days was let out into the big bad world.

And it was a lovely day. I had cake mid-morning (why not). I treated myself to a dress. I received lots of wonderful tweets from supportive followers everywhere. I chatted on-line to other fabulous authors who were being published on the same day. We were all doing different things, but we all felt the same mixture of excitement and anticipation.

Then in the afternoon, I received a wonderful bouquet of flowers from my publisher that so far I have managed not to kill (a new record I feel). 

Later, I went for a meal with my husband. I had a lovely cocktail and a delicious Caribbean curry and toasted the start of an amazing year.

Because it will be an amazing year. This will be the first year I can actually admit to myself that I have ‘done it’, I have accomplished a dream. And whatever life throws at me, whatever the new ups and downs – I need to remind myself of this one moment.

The moment when I became a published author.

The moment when I finally felt like me.


Cathy Butler said...


Sue Purkiss said...

Lovely! Will try to review your new book on my blog - it looks great. And what nice publishers, to send you flowers!

Joan Lennon said...

Wonderful! Happy book birthday and here's to February!

Eve Ainsworth said...

Thank you, everyone!

Susan Price said...

I add my congratulations - and lovely post.
Wishing you mzny more books and school visits.

Emma Barnes said...

Many, many congratulations!

Eve Ainsworth said...

Thank you Susan an Emma x

Lydia Syson said...

How lovely to read this! Hearty congratulations and how great that every February can be wonderful in future. . . enjoy the rest of the month.

Anne Booth said...

Many congratulations! I shall be looking for your book now. February is my birthday month, so I think it is a very good book birthday month to have!

Eve Ainsworth said...

Thank you so much everyone, would love to know what you think of Seven Days x

Gill Edwards said...
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Gill Edwards said...

what a fabulously positive and exciting post. It must be amazing to take such a leap of faith and have it pay off, i am so pleased for you. Seven Days is amazing reading and i think you've read my review. I automatically love Feb because its my birthday month but i'm glad this is a good month for you now too.
Gill x

p.s i removed my previous comment to edit it if you were wondering

C.J.Busby said...

What a great feeling! Wishing you many more school visits and many more books!!

Keren David said...

Hurray! I loved 7 Days as you know. And so pleased that you have managed not to kill your publisher..

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