Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Keep it Simple – a Second Childhood. – Dianne Hofmeyr

My New Year’s resolution is to enjoy all the simple things I forget to enjoy.

I’ll enjoy the things at my feet.

And enjoy the things on my feet.
 I’ll watch cats play.
 And revert to a second childhood and play too.

I’ll think of my sister when I remember that huge moth on the red cement of her farmhouse verandah. 
I’ll look at the things in my kitchen with fresh eyes.

 I’ll get pleasure from plates of simple food and linger over their taste.

I'll make homemade pizza more often for the yeasty smell of dough rising and vegetables grilling and not care if they aren't perfect rounds.
I’ll enjoy my coffee not because I’m a coffee addict but because I love that first sip in the morning. 
I’ll enjoy the textures and simplicity of silvery displays catching the light in local shops.

 I'll look again and find texture in landscapes from scenes that have become too familiar.

 I'll watch clouds and I'll dream.

And while I’m doing all this I’ll forget about deadlines.
All the best for a great year ahead to anyone making resolutions. I hope you'll have a playful second childhood too.

Please don't use my photographs without permission... especially the two with clouds as they belong to a good friend.


frances thomas said...

Gorgeous pictures! And lovely ideas, too

Sue Hyams said...

A lovely photographic tour of your resolutions!

Penny Dolan said...

Bliss! And wise words too!

David Thorpe said...

Beautiful photographs and sentiments - thank you!

Sue Purkiss said...

Lovely, Diane - instant calm!

Liz Kessler said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Happy new year Di, and thanks for such a treat of a blog xx

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

Thanks all. I wanted to post a picture of me in front of a surfboard Liz but knew you wouldn't believe me! And Assaf... I like nothing better than a house full of people and everyone making their own pizza combination/variation. I've tried being strict... only 3 toppings like a traditionalist but everyone just piles it on and we've had some weird and wonderful combinations!

Nicky said...

Great stuff and wonderful resolution. Happy New Year Dianne!