Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Tonight From Shrewsbury

The trouble with Big Blog Adventures is that they sometimes go awry.  Like today, thinking I was meant to be posting on the 10th when really it should have been today.  Still, better late than never, and certainly a chance to share what I'm up to this new year.

For starters, I'm two days into a new book that I've been skirting round, avoiding, thinking about, trying not to think about and generally gearing up for over the last, well to be honest, couple of years.  And then there's the new blog I've started.  My Tonight From Shrewsbury it's called, and it's a one-year attempt to encapsulate the life of an English country town.  One I happen to live in and love.

This afternoon I've been out interviewing local illustrator, Linda Edwards, for what will be my once a month Open Studio slot.  Tomorrow I'm interviewing musician, Chris Quinn.  I have a list of other people to interview that could keep me going through the year without doing anything else.

Shrewsbury is a fantastic town, positively rippling with life.  It's sometimes been called a sleepy town, but I don't know why.  Yesterday I was writing about floods.  Tomorrow it'll be the town market.  Next week, month and year I hope to get round to everybody from the Queen of the Town [if you want to know who she is you'll have to wait and see] to the Big Issue seller on Pride Hill.  And I hope to get round some buildings too - all those locked doors with what look like interesting houses, towers, castles, pubs, churches, potential speak-easies, secret cinemas and God alone knows what else behind them.

So keep an eye on my blog.  And sorry about today.  Next month, February 3rd, I'll be up and running from dawn onwards.   Tonight from Shrewsbury, over and out.


Penny Dolan said...

Really looking forward to your Shrewsbury blog - what a great idea and place - and good speed with the new novel.

Anonymous said...
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