Saturday 9 July 2011

WIN a Faery Like This One - Gillian Philip

He’s stroppy, bad-tempered, loud-mouthed, occasionally rebellious but very loyal and is willing to do his share of the dishes. Every home should have one, and now you can – just by answering one question and a tie-breaker.

The Rebel Angels series (contains no wings, despite the title and the presence of faeries) follows the adventures of Seth & Conal MacGregor, sons of a Sithe clann chief assassinated by the Faery Queen. The story began in 16th century Scotland with Firebrand; it comes right up to date with Bloodstone, the brothers having somehow managed to survive into the 21st century. And now things start to get difficult...

isn’t published till August 16th, but you can get your hands on an advance signed proof copy PLUS a signed copy of Firebrand PLUS (when they’re printed) a poster of the final Bloodstone cover (since I’m offering Seth as a prize, and the proof cover is plain), created by the amazing Lawrence Mann.

Just to keep you on your toes/confuse the issue, my question isn’t going to concern the Rebel Angels series at all. Just tell me the heroine’s name that connects my first book Bad Faith, the Darke Academy series (which I write for Hothouse Fiction under the name Gabriella Poole), and an ancient Greek prophetess with believability problems.

And for a tie-breaker: I’m always looking for a new name for a Lammyr. They’re the cousins and enemies of the Sithe: cool, skinny, sociopathic and sarky. I already have Skinshanks and Slinkbone - go on, help me out and suggest a third...

Post your answers in the comments. Remember to either include an email address or to check back here regularly to see whether you're a winner. Closing date 20th July, noon British time.

And finally: Happy Birthday to ABBA! It’s one of the best, brightest, smartest and most varied blogs out there. Live long and prosper, Awfully Big Blog Adventure!

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Nikki Clark said...

Hi Gillian. Great giveaway - I love your books (I own a signed copy of Bad Faith!)

The heroine's name is Cassandra and for the tie-breaker my suggestion is Scragacid

My email is nikki[dot]clark[at]hotmail[dot]com

Anonymous said...

Hiya my names Leah and my email address is The main characters name is Cassandra, love that name very heroic and i have a friend called that aswell :D and the name I would put forward for the second part is Skalligantrio. Thanks xD xx

Mike Jarman said...

Hi Gillian!
What a fab prize!
I think it's Cassandra and for a name? Hmmmm.

Susan Price said...

Loved FIREBRAND - looking forward to BLOODSTONE!

Juliet said...

Hi Gillian,
I loved Firebrand!The name is Cassandra, and a new Lammyr name could be Scrawnflesh.

Candy Gourlay said...

Cassandra it must be because that's what everyone's saying. As for a new Lammyr name - Malakas (in Filipino, it means 'strong')

Unknown said...

Hi Gillian, a poster as well! Cool prizes. So to answer your questions the name is Cassandra. As for your Lammyr how about: SMINCHIN

Kay Woodward said...

I have got a seriously num bum after being left on the edge of my seat after Firebrand. Can't wait for the new one!!!

Cassandra and Skrawksludge.

Unknown said...

Hi I'm Elaine
My email address is

The main characters name is Cassandra - the most heroic girl's name ;) I remember reading about the Greek Cassandra when I was small.

The name I would put forward for your Lammyr is Grecira.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Heya Gillian, *Waves*
The main characters name is Cassandra! =D
And as for a name for the Lammyr...Hmmm...
*TapsChin*...Skellbriar! Hehe!
Thank You, Bye xx


Lucy Coats said...

Gillian--this from Steven Allsop over on Facebook, who is having trouble commenting from his phone...he says:
"Argh much annoyance..can't seem to leave an answer for your compy on my phone. Just for the record i'm guessing it was maybe Cassandra and for the lammyr name what about, now this is a good one..Kevin? Either that or Cruach Kinslayer possibly. ;)Sleekshard?
Slyshuggle? Sharkshagger?"

PS personally, I'm loving the idea of Kevin the Lammyr!

MC Rogerson said...

Hi Gillian,

Desperate to get my hands on a copy of Bloodstone!

The heroine's name is Cassandra. My lammyr name is Ripskull.



rhapsodyinbooks said...


For the lammyr, Slanther

nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

April said...

The answer is Cassandra, and for the tie breaker question my name suggestion is: Bloodslime. Seeing as you have SKINshanks and slinkBONE already, you're missing one thing which is blood and seeing your description of their personality/appearance i thought 'slime' was quite appropriate.

My email is:

April said...

The answer is Cassandra, and for the tie breaker question my name suggestion is: Bloodslime. Seeing as you have SKINshanks and slinkBONE already, you're missing one thing which is blood and seeing your description of their personality/appearance i thought 'slime' was quite appropriate.

My email is:

catdownunder said...

This is from Seth - "Cassandra (what a name!) and of course the lammyr is called Seabhag". He told me to tell you to consult your Gaelic dictionary but I looked it up for you - it means Hawk. (Apologies for all that but you know what Seth can be like. He says he will make life very difficult for you if you get the name wrong.) OUCH - go away Seth!

whispering words said...

hmm well like everyone else Im going to guess Cassandra and I think a good name could be either Scuttle-rag or scuttletongue :)Oh and can I add I'm loving your books!

Beth Kemp said...

What an exciting competition!

The heroine's name is Cassandra (and I would have known that without being the eighteenth comment, honest). My lammyr suggestion is Skulkshin.

Beth (at) bethkemp (dot) co (dot) uk

Gillian Philip said...

Thanks everybody for entering and for all your brilliant suggestions! You all have lovely warped imaginations... :-) I am REALLY REALLY tempted to use them all (especially Kevin)... If I do, I will be certain to give you a namecheck!

The competition closes at the end of today, so the winner will be announced on ABBA on Sunday. Good luck everybody!

Gillian Philip said...

Good grief, I should have made this a lucky dip, because I never had so much trouble choosing! After lots of agonising, I have decided that my favourite is Sleekshard - congratulations Steven Allsop and please let me know your earthly address!

Everyone else who entered will receive a signed BLOODSTONE poster - just as soon as they're printed! Thanks for all your entries!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Steven. And aw thank you Gillian. I'll add Bloodstone to the to be bought list.