Saturday 9 July 2011

WIN 'A Year Without Autumn' - Liz Kessler

Hi! I’m very excited to be taking part in this online literary festival. Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

To celebrate this fab weekend of literary loveliness, I’m giving away three signed copies of my latest book, A Year Without Autumn.

The book involves a girl called Jenni, who finds out that she has gone forward a year in time, and has to try to work out how it happened, and how she can get back again. If you would like to win a copy of this book, tell me what you think YOU might find if you went forward a year in time!

Put your answers as comments at the end of this post. I will pick three winners and they will all win a signed copy of the book
(UK delivery only). Be imaginative and have fun! You have until 20th July at noon (UK time) to enter . Either leave your email address in your comment, or check back to see whether you've won!



Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I know what I'd find - me in the midst of a pile of boxes ready to move into my newly built house and my hair turned grey by the stress of it all! :-)
(not participating in the comp as I'm not UK based - but your book sounds great!)

Leah Auty said...

Hiya my names Leah and my email address is
Anyway, if i was to travel one year into the future, i think that because of all the thoughts about the world ending, people will start taking it seriously and panicking. One man will make up an antidote which gives people wings so that they can fly up to the heavens, and be 'safe' from harm and the world ending. However something goes wrong, and although all the people who took the antidote took refuge in the skies, they now cannot survive on land. Looking back to earth, the animals had to quickly adapt to the harsh conditions, and survived to become the dominant race. The end of this year ends in a major feud between animal, the now dominant powerfull and somewhat mutated race, and the humans, now know as skylings, who will die if they go back to earths surface. Its a bit out there of course but its imaginative ;D thanks,Leah A xxx xD

Laura Harrison said...

Hi Liz! I'd like to think that magical animals will be able to walk among us in a years time without the fear of being used in Labs or anything.

I'd love to have a unicorn show up and show us how to stop animals from dieing out needlessly. Unicorns are very wise.

Unknown said...

Oh, hopefully this time next year I'll be here reading all the posts from the 2nd ABBA lit fest. But this time I'll be sitting here with a super big grin on my face because I'll have bagged an agent and a publishing deal :)

You've gotta dream hey!

Cindy Riley said...

Next year at this time I would be living at the beach writing every moment of the day and sea gulls would deliver all my stories and books to publishers eagerly waiting to publish all my ideas

Laura Harrison said...

WELL DONE Michele!!

I'm trying really hard to do what just happened to you. What agency took you on?

Charlotte said...

This time next year, I will be contemplating a. the massive pile of books on my tbr shelf, which will doubtless include more than one book that's already on it b. the luxuriant weeds in the garden c. my reluctance to go to work, due to the pressing need to attend to a. and b.!

I'm not in the UK, but I'm entering on behalf of my sister-in-law, who is!

I've been promised the loan of an ARC of the US edition in a few weeks, and I'm looking forward to it lots!

SafeLibraries® said...

If I went forward a year in time at first I would not realize it. Slowly I would figure out that I must have lost a few brain cells. Then I'd look at a calendar and find out the truth. I would wish I went back a year in time. I would try to figure out how to get back. I'd never figure it out. At least I'd be happy to know Jeff Lynne's new album was finally released.

There once was a bloke named Jeff Lynne,
Whose fans were always a-grin.
They waited forever,
For Jeff, who's quite clever,
To write a great opus again.

Linda said...

I've already got a copy of your book - which I thoroughly enjoyed! - so don't include me in your competition, but I wanted to encourage others to enter. Really good read, folks!

A year from now? Maybe by then I'll have fought my way through the weeds in my new garden to see the soil beneath.

Dramagirl said...

First of all, I can't wait to read that book, it looks like it's going to be awesome.


If I went forward a year in time, what I HOPE I'd find would be me as a famous actress and writer, chilling in a very nice house and having lots of friends.

What I'd probably ACTUALLY find, though, would be me doing the same thing I am today- sitting on the computer in my pajamas doing some cram writing and homework for theatre camp. Not the worst thing to be doing, if you ask me. :)

SafeLibraries® said...

By the way, please let me add that I'm in the USA, but I will provide the UK address for one of the UK members of Showdown: ELO Mailing List.

April said...

The book sounds amazing!

In a year's time you would hopefully find me doing a book signing in a huge well known book store somewhere around London, or being a new and up coming artist that everyone loved the work of, surrounded good friends and family. Instead of me finishing my first year in college, doing 4 A Levels, seeing the same people every day in the same places.

my email:

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca Brown said...

A year from now? I might find that I'm in the Scattered Authors Society writing a post for ABBAlitfest 2012...

Or as my alternative dream I'll have cracked a magic spell to make babies sleep through the night and armed with all this new-found energy I'll be well under way with my plans for world domination. Bwahahahaha!

Awesome1 said...

Hmm...a year from now? Who knows? Maybe I'll be a famous singer, or be a competitive swimmer (I LOVE SWIMMING!!!!). Anything is possible!

ME said...


I'd wake up in the morning, a couple of stone lighter.

My house would finally be finished. Somehow I would have found the will to wallpaper, paint and do the other thousand jobs I've been putting off.

I'll have a book deal.

Maybe I'll be pregnant or even have a baby in that time!

My husband, a physics-god, will have invented a time machine so I can go back 12 months should I so choose.

My puppy will have mastered the basics of not running into the wall whenever she's chasing a ball, moth, imaginary thing. Also...she wouldn't have such a stinky butt...


I'll be sat here, on my couch, in exactly the same position. My dog will be slightly bigger but will still be comfortably curled up next to me. Her butt will be just as stinky as ever.

My husband will be playing Football Manager and Family Guy will be on the TV. We will MAYBE have decorated... a little... probably badly.

My girth will be just as girthy as always :P

It'd be cool if we all came back in a year and commented on what actually happened in the next 12 months :P

Zoe said...

I reeeeeeally want to read this book!! It sounds amazing. Anyway, if I could go forward a year I would doing be GCSEs. *groan*
...reading *cheers*
...blogging and hopefully it will be more popular *cross fingers*
...still be as obsessed as ever with the computer *proud face*
...writing my first novel *fingers going at multiple speed accross the keyboard*
...OH, and of course, if I could go into the future I would see if I have on this competition *happy dance, fireworks, screams and jumping up and down madly*

Thanks! Good luck to everyone else!


Hannah B. said...

First, off, I'm not sure if I even qualify for this competition, because I live in the US.

Let's see, one year from now I will be 17, and hopefully my family will finally live in Ireland! So I'll be in Bantry with all the lovely little sheep, and beautiful clouds. Not in Nevada the hottest place in America!
I'll be reunited with our Irish friends, who I've missed so much!

And, perhaps I'll be closer to either getting a job as a librarian, (I've already been volunteering at our library for 6 years)or publishing a book. Maybe I'll have finished one of the projects I've started. I have never been able to write the perfect ending for any of my stories! You see, I just can't stand endings! Of course, a book is never complete without one. But, I never want to say "goodbye" to the characters. As it was with Liz Kessler's mermaid tales, three stories were just not enough… I wanted to read more of Emily Windsnap’s adventures!

I’m anxiously awaiting the release of “A Year Without Autumn” here in the United States, I can’t stand it any longer! We’ll be going back to Europe again this fall, maybe I’ll be able to buy it while I’m there!

Anonymous said...

If I could see myself in a year's time I would have shaved most of my hair off, dyed the rest purple and probably have a multiple piercings (against my mother's will :P).

Hannah Powell said...

This time next year, I hope I will either be scuba diving in Lanzarote or sunbathing in my swimming costume reading Liz Kessler books! I will have just finished primary school and will be excited and a bit scared about starting secondary school.
Love Hannah :D

liveotherwise said...

A year from now. Dare I dream a baby? And probably more grey hairs from the ones I already have. My blog could be a little more popular, and life could be a little more organised. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have started writing that book I've been thinking about for two decades.

vivian melchor said...

I think i will find maybe that i have had a lost brother and that i had more family and more tings about my self

mayal17 said...

IM pretty sure that i wiil find more things about my self and what i did

Ramblings of a bake-aholic said...

A year in the future I think I would find that the west had finally found a new source for fuel that put an end to rising prices and allowed us all to live cheaper and more comfortably.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had just arrived menopause and got middleage spread but I was actually pregnant. How embarrassing to find out like this! Especailly as I am a biology teacher at high school. My teenage kids are taking the mickey.

BTW My daughter and I have both read A Year without Autumn!!! Loved it!

Kelly Koya said...

I'd hope that my twins had finally learned to behave themselves -one let off the handbrake of my car last week, smashing it up! And that my eldest has settled into high school well. Oh, and that I had won the lottery :D

Fi Quinn said...

In a year, I would be sat in the garden of my new home, built by my husband, contemplating my children feeding our dozen chickens in the back yard. I would wander over to our paddock to check their pony grazing peacefully in amongst the fragrant wildflowers. The sound of the bees in their hive would carry on the soft warm breeze and I would wonder at the magic that can be delivered through the National lottery. I would be delighted that on one particular day for no particular reason, completely out of character I stopped by the local shop and purchased a ticket.

whispering words said...

Hmm, this time next year I'll be sat wondering how many books will fit into my suit case when I go off on my gap year :)

Bronte said...

Hmm this time next year I will be (hopefully) reading your new books..Hopefully have settled into my new school and have a best friend, I would have found my cats are starting to become to old and that I will have to pick them up and bring them to their food! (No they will only be 6!) And I would have hopefully seen a mermaid!

Medsdemon said...

Suffering empty nest syndrome I fear...but I'm sure I will fight the good fight and enjoy all that extra time with my dear hubby...won't I?

Nikki Hartley said...

I would have finished my teacher training and got through the first few months in my first teaching post and also have finsihed re-decorating my house.

mudmonster said...

In a years time, hopefully I won't be sitting here dreading the moment my husband walks through the door from work knowing that hours of bad temper and upset will follow and instead I will have got brave enough to kick him out the door and be happy.

Liz Kessler said...

Thank you so much for all these fabulous replies. I loved reading them all. Those of you whose year ahead involved something you hope for - I hope it happens for you too!

The winners are now up on the new ABBA blog. Well done to you four, and I look forward to hearing from you and sending you your books!


Rebecca said...
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