Tuesday 18 June 2024

Starting a writer dynasty - by Lu Hersey

 Googling famous writer dynasties, I can't help noticing they generally start with one privileged man (who has money or class, generally both, and of course a wife to do the childcare). He writes a critically acclaimed literary novel. His progeny then follow in his footsteps.

I don't fit into any of the right categories to start a dynasty, being neither male, classy nor rich - in fact as a single parent with four children and very little money, I was probably closer to trailer trash. Despite this, amazingly, I seem to have started a writer dynasty. 

Admittedly our dynasty isn't in quite the same league as Dickens, Amis, Stephen King, or the Waughs (yet). But my daughter and I are both now published authors (it may not be literary fiction, but the books are very readable) - and I reckon that's something to be proud of. 

Olivia (writing as O R Sorrel) writes brilliantly funny YA - which fortunately is exactly what people want to read. Guppy Books published her first novel Apocalypse Cow this month, just before her 30th birthday - and I've been far too busy helping her celebrate this to write anything new myself. 

I can't recommend her book highly enough, and I'm not even slightly biased. (Also, it has the best cover ever.)

Here's to nepotism. And cakes.

Lu Hersey

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Joan Lennon said...

First writing dynasty - next take over the world! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...