Monday, 20 March 2023

Daughters of Time Revisited by Joan Lennon

March is Women's History Month. 2014 doesn't exactly count as history, but with the publishing industry's obsession with the new and the debut, let's be contrary and revisit this rather gorgeous anthology from the History Girls that came out that year. Published by Templar and edited by Mary Hoffman, it includes stories for 9-12 year olds about exceptional women through history. Here's the line-up:

Queen Boudica: Tasca's Secret by Katherine Roberts

Aethelflaed: The Queen of the Mercians by Sue Purkiss

Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Queen's Treasure by Adele Geras

Julian of Norwich: All Shall Be Well by Katherine Langrish

Lady Jane Grey: Learn to Die by Mary Hoffman

Elizabeth Stuart: The Phoenix Bride by Dianne Hofmeyr

Aphra Behn: A Night at the Theatre by Marie-Louise Jensen

Mary Wollstonecraft: An Unimportant Woman by Penny Dolan

Mary Anning: Best After Storms by Joan Lennon

Mary Seacole: The Lad That Stands Before You by Catherine Johnson

Emily Davison: Return to Victoria by Celia Rees

Amy Johnson: The Colours of the Day by Anne Rooney

The Greenham Common Women: Please Can I Have a Life? by Leslie Wilson

And what does it say on the back cover blurb? I'm glad you asked ...

Be surprised, as you look afresh at the stories of some of history's most remarkable women, as imagined by the finest female authors of historical fiction for children.

Be enthralled, as you encounter both famous figures and lesser-known heroines from across the ages, from warrior queens to anti-nuclear activists.

But most of all... be inspired.

Available as an actual book from Waterstones, and also on Kindle.

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Penny Dolan said...

Excellent book suggestion, Joan!

Anne Booth said...

I have this book, and recommend it too!