Tuesday, 22 November 2022

The Bear and her Book: There's More To See, written by Frances Tosdevin, illustrated by Sophia O'Connor, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

Who is in the mood for a book with some sparkle on the cover, and the warmth of kindness, friendship, and beauty inside? 


A Bear curled up on a winter’s night.

The air was crisp and the stars were bright.

She opened her Book of Being Wise,

And saw a bear under Arctic skies.

It wasn’t brown and it had no book,

And it wore a sad and lonely look …’


… so our bookshop living bear sets out once more to explore. Being the Bear she is, she helps others en route, helping a humpback whale, a moose, and a muskox, looking in her book to find answers to their worries. But what about that other bear?


‘She saw a bear with a different look,

Who said, ‘I just want to read a book.

A great big book – with lots of pages, 

To keep me busy and last me ages!’


And the two bears realise that, whilst they might look different, they are kindred spirits as lovers of books to feed their curiosity … just as we, meeting on this blog, find friendship in our common love of books!


Beautiful pictures, and a comfort of a story told in rollicking rhyme; a treat. 

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