Tuesday 29 November 2022

Something to think about

It's been a rough few weeks of late, and inspiration is currently low.

I wanted to write something though, however short, and as I was hunting around, I came across this quote from William Maxwell.* He's best known for being a fiction editor of The New Yorker magazine from 1936–1975. I've found it both a comfort and a strange source of inspiration. It's certainly given me something to think about.

'I don't think writer's block is anything more than a loss of confidence. It certainly isn't a loss of talent.'

* His full name was William Keepers Maxwell, which I find rather lovely.


Joan Lennon said...

A lot of wisdom in a few words - thanks for this!

Nick Garlick said...

Thank you both.
Sue: I've always been susceptible to that 'evil little voice', but you also highlight another element that's been playing a role, and that's the state of the world right now. With every new grim piece of news - the climate, freezing homes, Ukraine, Trump sitting down to dinner with anti-semites - some days it's hard to summon the energy to make a cup of tea.

Penny Dolan said...

Sorry for you if you're feeling or hearing that annoying "little voice" too much right now, Nick. Huge sympathies.

Confidence sound so bold a word but it can easily be dented or worn away. Look after yourself right now and find helpful things for yourself. And avoid looking at all the "successful" authors,book and lit-fest announcements and all mentions of invitation-only swanky gatherings on Facebook. Take care.

Nick Garlick said...

Thank you, Penny. ironically enough, having written the blog, today I 'solved' a problem in a current story and felt that lovely glow of achievement when you know something has clicked into lace. So that's helped.

And yes, I totally agree about avoiding all those factors you mention. They're a real killer.