Monday 28 November 2022

Five-Minute Magical Journey by Kelly McKain


I love oracle cards. I use them a lot for myself, with friends and family, and in my other role as an intuitive guide and energy healing facilitator. I'm just about to add breathwork facilitator to that side of things too, as I've almost completed my training!

I also love oracle cards when I'm in author mode... especially cards with gateways, portals and paths in them.

If you've got five minutes, I invite you to come on a magical journey with me (yes, you can bring a cup of tea, and the biscuits LOL!).

I was recently gifted these beautiful cards - the Earth Alchemy Oracle by Katie-Jane Wright and Nikki Strange. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and they seem to have a really strong atmosphere around them. I felt connected with them right away, and that connection keeps unfolding layer by layer as I get to know them. 

So, grab a pen, we're going into the secret garden...

Take a few deep breaths and feel your body on the chair, or whatever is supporting you. Give yourself permission to have five minutes of creative play, with no aim or attachment to outcome. You don't have to find your next middle-grade novel LOL! As you take the journey, just go where you're led and allow whatever comes to you to come to you. You don't have to answer all the prompts, they're just there to help you. OK, off we go...

Stare at the card for a little while, breathing. You're in this beautiful garden. Feel it around you. What are the sights and sounds, the smells, and sensations on your skin? What are you wearing? How old are you? Take it all in and write it down for about a minute.

Now, you're going to walk through the gateway. How do you feel as you prepare to do this? What or whom do you think might be on the other side? Write this down for another minute. Let whatever comes to you pour out of you, it doesn't have to make sense.

Walk through the gateway. Describe what it's like on the other side. What do you see, smell, hear, and how do you feel? Is someone, or an animal, waiting for you? Do they have a message for you? Write about all this for a minute.

Something in the garden catches your eye and you go and investigate it. What is it? What happens when you pick it up? What does it do? What does it mean? Write it down...

Now, bringing the thing with you if you like, say goodbye to anyone you met in the garden, and step back through the gate when you're ready. Feel yourself fully back in the chair, in the room. Write down anything else you would like to. Take a deep breath, stretch. Feel more magical, creative and alive than before!

It can be fun to do this with friends and then share your journeys together, and having someone read out the instructions works well too. 

Have fun! Happy magical journeying!

Loads of love, Kelly xxx

The Feeling Good Club out now!


Katherine Roberts said...

Lovely, Kelly, thank you - I went out of the gate into a magical snowy night, not sure what I'm bringing back with me yet but I always enjoy creative journeying with you :-)

LuWrites said...

Lovely post, Kelly! x