Tuesday 20 September 2022

Happy Gibberish Day! by Joan Lennon

There are many reasons why I like September, and one of these is that on the 20th of the month we get to celebrate Gibberish Day! I first discovered this annual celebration of gobbledy-gook and jibber-jabber back in 2017, and I'm reposting that discovery today, with the fervent wish that you may have a


Why does the 20th September have the honour of being Gibberish Day? Who decides these things? He gnews? Jet Pum!* But to celebrate I give you ...


Not just the words, but two performances that make me chortle in joy:


So, readers and writers and ABBAers of every description, here's to gibberish - and, if you possibly can, shove some into a conversation today. Fo jensonsicaxar! Vaxako Rowis Caxallerr pleud!!** 

* Who knows?  Not I!  (translations courtesy of My Big Monkey Gibberish Translator - hours of entertainment!)

** Be nonsensical!  Make Lewis Carroll proud!

P.S.  I love the way the Muppets drew on John Tenniel's original 1871 illustrations for Jabberwocky - so bizarre - so clever!

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Dennis Hamley said...

Absolutely wonderful, both of them. And Carroll's genius as always shines throiugh .

Anne Booth said...

Thank you - that was brilliant!

Joan Lennon said...

Thanks - glad to spread a bit of happy gibberish! I'm spending time with an 8-month-old babbler just now so it's currently right up my street!