Wednesday, 3 August 2022

THE TIDE SINGER by Eloise Williams. A review by Sharon Tregenza

After a series of violent storms a stranger is washed ashore in the small coastal village of Carregton Crow.  Morwenna's father leaves her with Morwenna to nurse her back to health. But she soon discovers that this is no ordinary girl. She can't speak and her hair seems permanently wet. Is she a Tide Singer? One of the magical creatures who live beneath the sea and who can control the ocean waves with their voices?

When more danger threatens, Morwenna must use all her courage to stand up against the villagers and prevent an event that could destroy her home and family.

Williams skilfully weaves an evocative tale - adventure mixed with myth and dark mystery. The setting, the weather the mystical girl all add to an atmosphere steeped in old world legend. A fascinating read.

This book is formatted with dyslexic and reluctant readers in mind but everyone can enjoy it. August Ro's black and white illustrations are an added joy. 

This is exactly the type of story I adored as a child and love just as much now. Highly recommended for children aged eight and up.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Barrington Stoke 
  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 8 years and up



    Penny Dolan said...

    Looks like a great book for the summer holidays, especially if you're down in the South West!

    Sharon Tregenza said...

    Hi Penny, yes I love anything to do with sea myths and legends don't you? I'm working on a mermaid idea as we speak. :)

    Penny Dolan said...

    Good wishes to that, Sharon. What a lovely idea to be absorbed in during a hot summer.