Tuesday 14 December 2021

A Christmas Carol Quiz by Lynne Benton

 I love Christmas carols – they are almost my favourite part of Christmas.  There may be some among you who love them too – and I hope you are as familiar with the words as you are with the tunes.  Because my Blog today, as befits a blog for and about writers, is all about the words.

In each case I have taken a line from a well-known Christmas carol and given you the initial letters of each word, together with one complete word for each carol.  All you have to do is work out a) the line, and b) the carol from which it comes.  Simple, eh?  Not quite – no matter how familiar you are with the carol, you often end up having to sing through the tune in order to remember the exact words.  

FOR EXAMPLE: We Three Kings of Orient Are would come out as w t k o Orient a. 

Only I’ve not used the first lines – that would be too easy!  Instead I’ve used mostly the second or third lines of each carol, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. 

Here is the quiz:

1 - n c f a bed

2 - t angel o t l c d

3 - s a l cattle s

4 - a i c a i bright

5 - t g song o o

6 - c y o c y t Bethlehem

7 - w t c poor s i f a t l

8 - s s a-s s g a-l

9 - i h m steps h t

10 - p o e a mercy m

Well, that should keep you busy over Christmas!  Feel free to try it out on your friends and family too, and in case anyone is still stuck on any of them, I’ll give you the answers in my next Blog, on 14th January.

Meanwhile, I hope you will all have as good a time as it’s possible to have in the current circumstances.

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Steve Gladwin said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Lynne. A quite splendid Christmas challenge!

Abbeybufo said...

Great fun! I'm stuck on no 8 at the moment - I want to share it with an online knitting group, as it's my turn to provide something in the Advent thread on Friday, so I'll be puzzling for the rest of the day - and possibly tomorrow! - to get that last one.

Abbeybufo said...

Just got it! Thank goodness for that; was beginning to wonder if I'd have to sub in something ese!!

Lynne Benton said...

Glad it's proving useful, Abbeybufo! Hope your group enjoy it on Friday. Hope you enjoy it too, Steve!

Penny Kline said...

Very good quiz. Just solved the last, trickiest one. I’ll try it on some friends.

Hilary Hawkes said...

Love it - what a great idea!