Monday, 29 November 2021

Inspiration - Nick Garlick

Much of my inspiration for writing comes from books. Reading something I enjoy makes me want to write too.

But there are other sources too, and this is one of them: this photograph of former US President Jimmy Carter, at 95, sitting on his porch and holding a guitar.


It’s a guitar made from the wood of a tree he planted. I don’t know when he planted it; just that he did, when he was young. But every time I look at it I’m lifted up out of the rough times we’re currently living through, and reminded that it’s good to keep going, to persevere.

It's that simple really.

A picture of a man on a porch with a guitar, made from the wood of a tree he planted himself.


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Joan Lennon said...

A good image to start the week with - thanks, Nick!