Monday, 25 October 2021

Your invitation to a Halloween festival - by Holly Race

The last eighteen months has given us precious little enjoyment: stuck in our homes, worrying about shortages and vaccines. One of the few things that I have treasured is the greater accessibility of events as everything moved online. For anyone outside the London bubble or with access needs, this has always been a problem, and it's a real shame that it's taken a pandemic to force the wider publishing world to address this.

So as we slowly begin to return to 'in-person' events I really hope that we don't lose sight of how inclusive online events can be, and how important it is to retain that if we want to foster a diverse industry. As one of the founders of a growing community of UK and Ireland-based YA authors, we are hoping to help contribute to this, starting with Killer YA Con, which starts today and ends on Halloween.

Organised largely by horror authors Kat Ellis and Amy McCaw and contemporary author Naomi Gibson, Killer YA Con is a week-long festival of panels, readings and giveaways around spooky or Halloween-related YA novels. Do have a look at the schedule and join us, if you'd like to share our love of YA with a bite!


Holly Race worked for many years as a script editor in film and television, before becoming a writer.

Her YA urban fantasies, Midnight's Twins and A Gathering Midnight, are published by Hot Key Books.

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Penny Dolan said...

Holly, you are so right about the benefits of online access to events, especially to those out of easy reach - from distance, cost, health, time or other commitments - of the festivals and launches and meetings. As well as the benefits of far wider geographic co-operation and friendship.

Wishing you and all the other YA authors good luck with your amazing celebration!