Friday, 22 October 2021

The Bear and her Book, written by Frances Tosdevin and illustrated by Sophia O'Connor, reviewed by Pippa Goodhart

The smiling bear on this glimmering gleaming cover looks very content. And that’s because the bear has a book full of knowledge and wisdom that enables her to help her fellow creatures as she travels the world. This is a bear with a curious and kind nature. The story opens,

A bear marched out on a moonlit night,

Her fur was thick and her eyes were bright.

She sniffed the air and she licked a paw –

She loved her home, but she wanted more.


“The world is big and there’s much to see,

And a bear must go where she wants to be.

And a bear as curious as me …

… Longs to gaze at the starlit sea!’


At the beautiful starlit sea Bear meets a crab in need of help, which she gives. She then moves on the jungle, and a crocodile in trouble, before a desert introduces her to a lizard in need of help. 

Last of all, Bear travels by boat to a place where there are people with a bookshop holding Volume Two! So she’s content to stay put, and just read for a while.


Beautiful text and beautiful pictures, this is a lyrical lovely book.  

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