Thursday 20 February 2020

Fair Isle February - Joan Lennon

I'm on Fair Isle, the UK's most remote inhabited island, for a month's writing residency.  And as part of that, I've had the pleasure of working with Fair Isle Primary School's 4 pupils, ranging from P3 to P7.  Last week we wrote short stories, and this week it's riddle poems, and both weeks it's been a delight.

I have been overwhelmed by sea and sky and weather and so many more colours than I can find words for.  

My brain is full of images.  I will be writing about this experience for many years to come!

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Joan Lennon's YA novel Silver Skin 
(set in Orkney - at least it's close!)


Susan Price said...

Beautiful photos. I'm so glad for you, Joan, and so envious at the same time! Come back safe through the storms and high seas.

Penny Dolan said...

Such lovely pictures - and rhe light on those wild waves!
So pleased it is going so well, Joan.
Looking forward to you coming home safe, satisfied and inspired.

Sue Purkiss said...

Gorgeous pictures! And what a nice school - but quite challenging to teach in, in some ways, I should think.

Enid Richemont said...

Love the colours in the school itself. The weather must have been dramatic, though! How much Viking stuff remains? And is the main language Gaelic?

Joan Lennon said...

Thank you! I had no idea just how ferocious the weather was going to be - quite overwhelming. The wind is screaming around the house as I write this. Thank goodness for thick stone walls! I'm going to be shown round the local museum, but not until the wind drops enough to make opening the door safe, so I'll see if there are any Viking bits and pieces. And no, not Gaelic, English but with Fair Isle dialect words. Off to put more coal on the fire!

catdownunder said...

that school is much smaller than the smallest one I once knew - "Mudamuckla School" had 8 pupils. Yes, teaching four children at different levels would be a challenge but, if they get a good teacher, the education can be brilliant.