Saturday 22 December 2018

Promoting Yourself as an Author, By Dan Metcalf

Being an author nowadays is all about making yourself known, and here are six great pointers as to the most effective ways:

1. Be present - Everywhere! Get on all the social media sites so your readers can find you and interact. They want to see you and relate to you. They've already bonded with your writing, and you can help guide them towards your other books so they can love you even more!

2. Be predictable - When updating your internet presence, consider having a set time each day/week/month that you update. It can be anything  - a daily tweet, a weekly video on YouTube, a fortnightly podcast or a monthly blog post. Whatever it is, make it so your fans are waiting for it to pop into their inbox or notifications.

3. Be persistent - This doesn't mean badgering your followers with spam! Simply start something and keep at it. If you're podcasting, do it regularly (see above) and for a long time. It may take a few years to reach your peak audience figures, but it'll be worth it. You're in this author game for the long haul, and your readers are too. Continue your online presence (and offline too - conferences and shows are a must) until everyone knows who you are.

4. Be friendly - A no brainer this one. Be nice. No one is going to follow the person picking fights on twitter or commenting on the fan's poor grammar in a YouTube comment. Be approachable, friendly and open.

5. Be generous - It's not all about you, y'know! Focus on your fans. What do they want? If it's a podcast, do it. If it's merchandise, do it. And be generous with your accounts when you hit the big numbers of followers - you could help promote a friend's book or Kickstarter project, or turn your attentions to altruism and help raise money for a good cause.

6. Be yourself - This the most important. No one wants to hear from a smarmy salesman. Be you. That's who fans want to hear from; they fell in love with your voice, your sense of humour and your view of the world, so give it to 'em in spades.

Happy Chrimbo everyone. 

Dan Metcalf is a children's writer. His most recent book, Paw Prints in the Somme, about the cats that served in the First World War, is available via 

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Andrew Preston said...

Thank you. I incorporate several of those in my own small business.

My eye does keep returning to your photo. I've drunk lots of posh drinks in my life... Clan Dew, Scotsmac, Les Forts de Latour and many other fine wines...., but I'm completely flummoxed by the unidentified floating objects in that cup pf tea ?