Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ursus Wehrli and Tidy Art - Joan Lennon

A couple of years ago, a friend gave me a book called Noch Mehr Kunst Aufraumen - (Even More Art Tidied) - by Ursus Wehrli, and I stumbled upon it again just recently while - ha, ha - tidying a book shelf.  Now I'm not a total numpty, and I do know that editing is an important, nay, essential part of the writing job, and that good editors are worth more than rubies.  But sometimes, honestly, does being edited ever feel just a teeny tiny bit like this to you?

You've written -

and the editor suggests - 

Or you see your piece like this -

and your editor suggests a re-write or two in order to achieve this -

It could just be me.  But even if it is, do yourself a favour, and find the time to watch Ursus' TED talk below -

Or grab a copy of Kunst Aufraumen or Noch Mehr Kunst Aufraumen - picture books that will make you smile.

(Images photographed from my copy of Ursus Wehrli's Noch Mehr Kunst Aufraumem.)

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Lynne Benton said...

Great post, Joan - and I love the clip about tidying up art! Wonder if many editors have seen it? Thanks for posting it.

Katherine Roberts said...

Oh, that's so true! Made me laugh. Yes, there is such a thing as over tidying. In my experience, creating something is always messy at the start, which is why inviting an editor to comment on an unfinished or first draft might result in those 'tidy' pictures, i.e. something else entirely (which could well be what the editor wanted all along, of course...)

Anne Booth said...

That was a brilliant post - and I so enjoyed the tidying up art clip! That has given me ideas for two birthdays coming up. I think my own self-editing can be too much biased towards tidying up - this reminds me that isn't a great idea!

Maureen said...