Sunday, 26 July 2015

To the Lighthouse - Julie Sykes

I’ve always been inspired by places and Cornwall is one of my all time favourites. I try and visit at least twice a year.

I’ve recently come back from a fabulous week spent in St Ives. The weather was warm and sunny and there were lots of opportunities for long, inspirational walks. I particularly wanted to visit Gwithian and to walk along the beach opposite that lighthouse. You know, the one that inspired that book. I also wanted to go on the cliffs and watch the seals in their special place.

The National Trust owns the beach. It’s set at the far end of St Ives Bay. It’s a bit of a walk so you have to make an effort to visit. It’s well worth it. In the words of the National Trust, this is ‘a vast sandy beach, high cliffs and dramatic coves.’

Imagine my sense of fury and sadness when peering into a little cave I found this.

The people responsible for this mess must have intended to picnic here. I’m sure they came for the spectacular views, the peace and solitude.

I hope they had a good time.

But why did they leave the place in such a state? There’s no easy way to say this. People who left this mess, you are DIRTY.

Don’t tell me that there wasn’t a bin. Why put a bin in such a beautiful place? If you bring stuff with you then it’s your responsibility to take it home again. If you can’t be bothered then go some place else. Somewhere built up with bins.

Litter isn’t just an unsightly nuisance. It poses a real danger to the wildlife. Every year animals the world over suffer injuries and even death as a direct result of rubbish.

I wonder what sort of book Virginia would have written if she’d found this on her way to the lighthouse.


Penny Dolan said...

Exactly! What a nasty moment on your lovely walk and holiday.

I'd always wondered "why is St Ives the "St Ives"?" - although the light there is truly wonderful and so on - and then I realised that St Ives would have been the direct end of the railway line from Paddington, i.e. quite close to Bloomsbury and "artistic" London and therefore useful for bundling all your family & servants and luggage on to the trains - as well as being a fairly swift trip from London for any summer visitors or things you needed sent down from or up to London. nb. This is not denying the loveliness of the place!

Joan Lennon said...


Julie Sykes said...

The building of the branch line definitely helped to put St Ives on the map as a tourist destination. And as you say, it's all round loveliness ;)

Liz Kessler said...

Penny, St Ives isn't the end of the line from Paddington - that's Penzance. You have to get another train to get to St Ives (the prettiest train journey in the world in my opinion) and believe me, London to St Ives ain't no swift trip!!! Julie - I can't believe you were here and we didn't meet up!!!!! xx

Julie Sykes said...

Hi Liz, It was Charney week or I would have DEFINITELY contacted you. We're back in October. Coffee on the beach? I'll e-mail you ;)