Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Things We Do For Books - Lucy Coats

I used to be a shy, retiring creature, slinking round the edges of parties, using the larger flower arrangements as camouflage to hide behind. Until I became an author, that is, at which point I realised there was another way of hiding in plain sight - and that I could have fun doing it. 

Dressing up as your characters means you can put on a whole different persona, and behave entirely outrageously - because that's your job. I first realised this when I put on a pirate suit and became my alter ego, Lucy, Pirate Queen of the Seven Salty Seas (it's amazing what a bit of lace and a ribbon on a hat will do to me, let alone a full double-breasted red frock coat). I find it gives me the courage to talk in a ridiculous accent, play the tambourine and even sing. I regularly get asked where I've tied up my ship - and where I've hidden my treasure, especially when I'm travelling to an event by bus. 

Today, I'm taking it to a whole other level, and going full-on Ancient Egyptian priestess, blessing the crowds of YA booklovers at YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) with postcards, and chatting about my new teen novel, Cleo. I won't be alone - YALC is part of Comic-Con London, and last year it was full of Wookies, Princess Fionas, assorted Jedi Knights, and unnameable creatures from the beyond. But why am I doing it, when this is not a school visit? It's a long story. Suffice to say I promised our esteemed ex Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman, that I wouldn't let her be the only author there cosplaying this year. 

I hope I don't regret it. No doubt there will be pictures. I may even come back and post some here. Be afraid.


catdownunder said...

It is most awfully brave of you - you really are captain of the pirate ship!

Anne Booth said...

Lucy - I know exactly what you mean! I do feel very shy at parties , but the fairy wings I bought to accompany 'The Fairiest Fairy' have transformed my life! I missed your lovely post - sorry - so the one I hurriedly wrote today is very similar - at least the message that props are important is definitely coming through!

Nicola Morgan said...

You do these things so that I don't have to. I just stand in awe. :)