Friday, 20 June 2014

Sometimes it's the Devil's Elbow - Joan Lennon

It's not as if I'm doing a lot of writing - well, I am, but not writing writing.  Not novels.  And it's no secret that a novel-writer who is between novels is not a pretty sight.  But I do have one, short piece of fiction writing to do, for an anthology.  I said I'd do it.  I want to do it.  And how's that going for me?  Well, look at the photo.  Says it all.

(Though, you'll notice, in the photo the passengers have helpfully disembarked, ready, no doubt, to give a shove if needed.  Catch my characters doing that.  Fat chance.)

Writing's like that sometimes.  A stalled bus on a virtually vertical hairpin turn.  You know that.  I know that.  And it'll get going again, some time, some how.  But in the meantime ...

... sigh.

[Photo is of the infamous Devil's Elbow in Glenshee, from Maurice Fleming's book More Old Blairgowrie and Rattray]

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I know this feeling. Maybe I should turf my characters out to lighten the load?

Stroppy Author said...

Hope you get going again soon!

But - "not writing writing. Not novels." Novels are in the minority if you count up published writing (I once read that it's about 20:1 against novels). Novels are just incredibly arrogant and like to claim they are the only writing that is really writing. So of course you are writing, even if your novel doesn't want you to think you are :-)

Joan Lennon said...

Dear Stroppy - Those sneaky bastards!!! And I just believed them!

Dear Carol - a story with NO characters ... now that's an idea!

Pippa Goodhart said...

If that was my bus I think I'd take the hand brake off and let is slide back onto the more level ground before revving up once more ....

Linda Strachan said...

Absolutely what stroppy said!

'of course you are writing, even if your novel doesn't want you to think you are :-) '

You are also doing a lot of other writing related things, Joan so remember to add them to the engine of the bus - on the positive side of thought!