Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chocolate is the meaning of life by Miriam Halahmy

#miriamhalahmy  Thanks for the follow. Look forward to reading your tweets. Mind tend to feature chocolate for obvious reasons...
#Tim_Bowler  Don’t think just because I write I can’t do chocolate as well. Big mistake. Often the two go together. Till one drops out.
#miriamhalahmy  Chocolate is the meaning of life. (I’m sure there is a blogpost in there somewhere...)
#Tim_Bowler  If there isn’t you need to go away and write it. People will be sitting by camp fires watching the skies for the sign of it.
#miriamhalahmy  Now there’s a challenge. Will put it on my to-do list.
Later Tweet
#miriamhalahmy  It’s Monday morning and I’ve only mentioned chocolate once. Does that warrant a certificate or is this an un-measurable achievement?

So here is the blogpost Tim ( and of course anyone else who logs on). It is almost frightening how many people actually agree with the title of this blogpost. When I started to tweet, a few years ago, like most people I really didn’t have a clue what to tweet about. But I found that it helped to develop a persona online and of course ( especially to those who know me well) the consumption, discussion, drooling over and consideration of chocolate came so naturally to me. Without chocolate would I rise in the morning? Be honest, would you? 
If chocolate is the meaning of life, write on ( and read on and think on and dream on).
We writers, sitting in our lonely ( and frankly now that September has struck) our jolly freezing rooms, something has to appear to cheer us on and if not chocolate, then what?

So if you agree, whole or even half-heartedly – or if you have a comment which will enhance our experience and deepen our understanding of the meaning of life then choose one of the following :-
1.      Leave a comment
2.      Don’t leave a comment
3.      Take up Tim’s escape route and sit by your camp fire watching the sky for a sign. (It will probably come wrapped in purple foil paper.)
Good luck and happy chocolate.


catdownunder said...

Oh right, dark chocolate with chili (you know the brand I am sure). Chocolate has to be good chocolate not that waxy variety covering the Tim-Tams (think Penguin biscuits) beloved by some expatriate Downunderites (but not by me).
Chocolate is to be taken one square at a time and sucked slowly and carefully. Chocolate is purr-ecious stuff!

sue eves said...

I buy dark chocolate and then I can only eat it if I'm desperate for a sugar rush because more than one square makes me feel sick (yes, rich and precious, catdownunder) Now if someone else buys some of the exciting new all singing, all dancing, facepopping variety then I will eat it all in one go. Chocolate cupboard is empty but the tabletop tin is full of rice cakes now - (the chocolate-covered ones that no one else likes).
Oh, Miriam - hot tea and Twitter was keeping my mind off chocolate until you started talking about it. Thanks!

Nicky Schmidt said...

I start every day with a special chocolate brew which I first concocted some years back, which involves Lindt dark chocolate, vanilla extract, a teeny pinch of salt and cocoa... It's also what I turn to when the words get sticky.
On Friday night I discovered a dessert called Chocolate Vodka. I feel sure it must have been especially created for writers...

C.J.Busby said...

There's something about sugar/chocolate and the creative process that intrigues me. I try very hard not to be seduced by either due to effects on my health but when I'm writing/being creative it's almost impossible not to fuel my writing process with at least some chocolate. Davd Lynch apparently used to down sugar lumps when writing and referred to it as 'crytalline happiness'.

Penny Dolan said...

Unfortunately, though chocolate can make you feel better and more mellow, I'm not sure it does that for the writing & the words. Or the writer's rear.

Michelle de Villiers said...

I humbly submit a chocolate haiku:

catdownunder said...

Oh right, that is a chocolate point Siamese under the desk? :)