Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summertime... - Lily Hyde

A post I wrote on ABBA in December, complaining about my difficulties finding a plot for a book I was working on, garnered a host of wise and useful replies, including one about writing seasons (thanks, Liz and Jen!).

It was cold and grey in London when I wrote that post. In a big city, especially one as temperate as London, it’s easy to disregard the seasons. If the squirrels were busily running about in Hyde Park, begging nuts from enamoured tourists, then why should I remember to hibernate for the winter? 

Now it’s hot and blue in the Carpathian mountains. Everything is growing and flowering through the long, long summer days. And I realise that creatively, at least, I was hibernating through that December. Now I’ve woken up. Not just that particular book I was stuck on, but a host of others too, have unfrozen. It literally feels like water running again, like plants sprouting.

It’s a lovely feeling, and I hope that the words I write down manage to capture the promise and ease I sense from the ideas filling my head.

Wishing you all a happy, fulfilling and productive writing summer!  


Sue Purkiss said...

Glad to hear you are unblocked - aren't the Carpathians beautiful?

Penny Dolan said...

A lovely wish - and a beautiful place to be wishing it in. Happy holiday, Lily!

Shrink Makinesi said...

thank you