Tuesday, 10 July 2012

1 - Gillian Philip on the filming of children's books

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Thanks to a great big ladleful of serendipidity, number one in our list of most-viewed posts includes a connection with both ABBA birthdays and lists!

To celebrate our second birthday, we decided to have a theme for the month, and contributors who wanted to were invited to present their top five of... well, anything to do with children's books. Gillian went for her top five films based on children's books, and accompanied her list with a concise but captivating musing on what makes a good adaptation:

Five Barnstorming Books-to-Movies: Gillian Philip

You'll find more suggestions of great adaptations in the comments, but please feel free to add your own favourites - or any other thoughts - in the comments below this post.

And there we come to the end of our list of most-viewed entries on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure - but not quite to the end of our birthday celebrations. Join us at 7.00pm for one last stop along Memory Lane!


Nicola Morgan said...

John, you are a STAR. Must have taken you ages and ages. Now, go and relax.

John Dougherty said...

Thanks, Nicola! Will do - but don't forget, there's one more post to come at 7.00pm!

Gillian Philip said...

Oh, I'm ever so thrilled to be at number 1! And I've had a lovely time re-reading all the other posts - brilliant work John! I will tweet links tomorrow (I've been out all day and it's now the middle of the night in the UK!)

Gillian Philip said...
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