Friday, 2 December 2011

Use It Or Lose It Catherine Johnson

Goodbye Awfuls! This is my last ABBA blog for a bit and I'd like to take the chance to say several huge thankyous to the blog admins and to all the other bloggers here past, present and future. ABBA is a great place for a novice to take their first steps into the blogosphere in a wonderfully cosy and supportive enviroment.
My new book Brave New Girl is out in the world, and I know my next book won't be out until the 2013, and I have SO much writing to do I thought it best to step back and let another Sassie take over.
So my last blog in the run up to Christmas is this; please please please (please) get out and use your local indie bookshop. Just go in, have a chat, buy one book (is it ever possible to buy only one book?) by one author you may never have read before. Go on, I dare you. I do know many of us don't have a local indy, but those of us that do please get out and support it. I know things are tough, but lets spread a little love and support those that support us.
I know that that-internet-behemoth-who must-not-be-named is oh so easy to use, but do we want a world with no space at all for difference?
There was a marvellous post last bookseller Sunday which really said it all, our local bookshops are an incredible resource, not only for us as browsers and readers, but to us as writers. Get in there, have a chat, make some links, and most importantly BUY A BOOK!
Happy writing Christmas and New Year to everyone,


Penny Dolan said...

Will miss you and your interesting posts, Catherine. A good sentiment to go out on, though! Wishing you useful and mostly (can't all be,can it?) happy writing time.

Catherine Johnson said...

I bought two!

Penny Dolan said...

Last time I went into the Little Ripon Bookshop, just to collect some books for another authors event, I ended up with four - and two of those in hardback. It was the selection of books on offer that made it possible. Am now wary about going back this week to return the few unsold copies and meeting titles I might have missed last time around.

Saviour Pirotta said...

And let's not forget that independent bookshops benefit the whole of the local economy too. It's been estimated that far more money spent in indies stays local than when spent in chains, of any kind.

Penny Dolan said...