Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Last call for competition winners! - John Dougherty

Four of the winners of my LitFest 2011 competition haven't yet got in touch!

I think the errant four are Paul H, Denise, Kate, and Moogiesboy. If that's you, get in touch with at once!

Please put 'ABBA Competition' in the subject line and say a) who you'd like your copies of Zeus on the Loose and Bansi O'Hara and the Bloodline Prophecy signed for and b) where you'd like them sent.

If we haven't heard from you by the end of August, we'll have to donate your prizes to a good cause...

(The other winners were Leah A, Madwippitt, Rosalind A, Linda, Elen C  and Linda S - see here for a fuller list of LitFest comp winners.) 

 Oh - and since I'm here, Zeus's latest adventure, Zeus Sorts It Out, is in the shops tomorrow!


madwippitt said...

Hurrah for competitions to help finance my signed-editions habit and another hurrah for another Zeus: at least I'll know what to buy my godson for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

hiii just want to make sure did you get my email... im Leah A? :)