Saturday 9 July 2011

WIN: Books Galore - Enid Richemont

I'm one of those writers who started young. I wrote my first book at the age of seven - all three pages of it. It was about a very large family - something I desperately wanted at the time because I was an only child.
Much, much later, I began selling stories to women's magazines, and a very long time after that, after I'd had two children, my first children's book, THE TIME TREE, was published by Walker Books.

Writing a novel is living intimately with the characters you've created, and it can take a very long time - sometimes years. I enjoy writing for Young Adults because it's such a formative, scary and challenging part of anyone's life. I'm working on a couple of  novels for adults, too.

TO SUMMON A SPIRIT (Walker Books) is a complex time-slip story about a friendship that spans over nearly two hundred years, and a murder that might, or might not, have happened. This book will soon be available as an ebook. In the meantime, I have a couple of signed copies to give away to a couple of brilliant young writers (see COMPETITION).

MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER (see Kindle Authors UK) is a great read for any girl who's feeling dominated by her mother. Set in mid-Wales, it also features ponies, an extraordinary old woman who encounters angels, and a sexy young guy who's into street theatre.

COMPETITION (for everyone)
The theme of TO SUMMON A SPIRIT is friendship. What does it mean to you to have, or to be, a best friend? Did your friendship start when you were both very young, or is it more recent? Have you ever felt, like Jessica in the book, that you must have known each other in some previous life? I'm giving away two signed copies to the two best entries on the theme of friendship. These will also be published on my website - so get writing!
Send your entries to by 20th July at noon (UK time).
In recent years I've been writing stories for much younger readers. It's a different sort of challenge - writing much shorter texts comes closer to writing poetry, and the rhythm of the words really matters.

STICKY VICKIE (Franklin Watts) is a story about a prince who will only marry a girl who can make him laugh.

PIRATES of the STORM ( Franklin Watts )is based on the true story of two girl pirates - Mary Read and Anne Bonny.
I have two signed copies of this book waiting to be sent to two amazing young artists (see COMPETITION), but you must be seven or under to enter.

COMPETITION (for people of seven or under).
Did you know that there were girl pirates? Would you like to be one?
I'm giving away two copies of PIRATES OF THE STORM to the two best pictures of a girl pirate. What might she look like? What might she wear? What might she have as a pet? The two winners will have their pictures displayed on my website.
Send your entries to by 20th July at noon (UK time).


Lucy Coats said...

Goodness, Enid--what a fantastic choice of things for our younger blog readers to enter! Will look forward to seeing the results of both writing and picture entries.

madwippitt said...

Have just finished reading The Dream Dog on my Kindle - loved it! (Even though it made me a bit weepy in places)
What a w0onderful lot of prizes - wish I could enter!

Unknown said...

Love the sound of the books, I couldn't wait to enter the competition. :D