Sunday, 24 July 2011

Competition Winners

So, we had a wealth of competitions over our Festival weekend which have now been won!

If the competition asked entrants to email the author directly, then the winners will also be contacted directly.

If the competition asked you to enter via the comments, then there is an almost full list of winners below. Any that are missing, the author who set the competition will make an announcement as soon as they've judged.

Adele Geras' competiton: Brigita won Dido, Sue E won A Magic Birthday, Sarah A won Lolly and Adele won Stagestruck.

Liz Kessler's competition was won by Leah Auty, Zoe Crook, Hannah Powell and Bronte. Liz has all but one of these winner's email addresses. If you are the missing winner, please visit her Facebook page to make contact.

John Dougherty's competition had ten winners. They are Leah A with Jupiter and His New Computer and Minerva and the Loyal Server; Madwippitt with Vulcan Gets Hammered and Psyche Babbles; Rosalind A with Pray to the Backwards Dog; Linda with Thor's Thilly Idea; Elen C with Bend it Like Sobek-ham; Linda S with Loki's Looking for Love; Paul H with Poseidon's Misadventure; Denise with Aphrodite and the Yellow Nightie; Kate with It's Thor I Adore and finally, Moogiesboy with In Hidin' With Poseiden.
All of these winners should email with 'ABBA Competition' in the subject line with a) who they'd like it signed for and b) where they'd like it sent. Delivery in 4 weeks.

The Literary Gift Company's competition has been won by Hoopie, with the advise 'take a notebook everywhere'. To claim your prize, please email

Nicola Morgan's competition was won by Rebecca Clare Smith.

Lucy Coats's competition to win 18 children's and YA books from Orion was won by Sarah of Whispering Words.  Lucy will be contacting Sarah via email.


Linda said...


Penny Dolan said...

Hi!Penny Dolan here and I'll be getting in touch with winners of the draw for the Boy Called M.O.U.S.E competition in a day or two. A big thank you to everyone who entered!

Rebecca Clare Smith said...

Wow. The first thing I've ever actually won... I knew complaining would help me some day. ;)

madwippitt said...

ooooh exciting! If I won I was going to give them to my godson - but I've just changed my mind and will be adding them to my well-thumbed and small-but-discerning collection of signed first editions! (And anyway I just bought him copies of Zeus on the Loose and Grk for his birthday. My turn now!)

Leila Rasheed said...

Congratulations every one! I'll be judging my comp this week.

John Dougherty said...

They're not first editions, I'm afraid (well, Bansi may be - not sure if it's gone to reprint yet; but Zeus definitely has!).

madwippitt said...

Never mind - they'll still be a happy addition to my select collection of signed books!

Gillian Philip said...

Hi, and it's the incompetent Gillian Philip here, who forgot to list her winner! I've now done so over at the comments thread for my competition - the winner is Steven Allsop, but everyone will get a signed Bloodstone poster. Congratulations Steven and thanks everyone for entering!

Gillian Philip said...
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Nicola Morgan said...

rebecca - LOL! I am about to email you now.

Julie Sykes said...

There was such a fantastic response to the Fairy Bear's competition that I decided to give away two extra sets of books.

The winners are listed in the comments section of my blog.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me.


@littleboo_21 said...

My daughter is going to be so pleased.

Thank you