Friday, 10 December 2010

A Cautionary Tale Part 2 Meg Harper

You can tell how much of a flap I was in last week - I posted my blog on the wrong day! Apologies to Nicola Morgan! So if you missed Part 1 of this and are interested, please scroll back to 2nd Dec. My cunning plan to put a warning note in my diary misfired; I interpreted it as, 'Do blog today!' not, 'It's next week!'

Anyway, I was stressing away about my Summer Creative Writing Project's self-publishing venture running aground and was issuing dire warnings to all and sundry. The happy ending is that the ship seems to be afloat again though we won't have a book out for Christmas - but we will have a very nice looking and (I hope!) very well edited anthology in the New Year!

What do I learn? Make sure that what is needed by each deadline is absolutely clear. What has become standard to me, will not be to students. Now how did I not realise that? Doh!

I think I had my share of this space last week so that's all for now - except to say how much I'm enjoying the messages from the editor I'm working with at the moment. She manages to combine enthusiasm with rigour in a way which is highly motivating. I think I respond like a rather dim dog. Pat me and I'll do anything you want - and quickly! : )


catdownunder said...

May you also be rewarded with "treats"!
Seriously, glad it is looking better.

Nicky said...

I don't know why more editors don't get this. It is actually easy to get the best out of us - just treat us well and we're happy and productive!