Friday, 2 July 2010

Five Favourite Photos - Joan Lennon

I'm a sucker for alliteration, so when the idea of blogging about Five Favourite Somethings during the month of July came up, PHOTOS was the first word that came into my mind. So, here it is - my Five Favourite Photos from ABBA posts. (With the proviso that they were taken by or of ABBA bloggers. Five Favourite Photos off Google FOUND by ABBA bloggers is a post for another day.)

Why these five? (They are in no significant order. I don't have enough control of the technology to get the pictures up AND get them in order ...) I just quite liked them, really.

1. The Author in the Mirror, is what I call the first photo. I love the whole thing of reflecting, reflections, who's the real me? am I real at all? would my books sell better if they were all written backwards? To see this photo in its original setting, go to 22 March 2010 "Histrionics - NM Browne"

2. John Dougherty's punning dad. My dad was a punning dad too and I miss him lots. I pun relentlessly at my kids to make up for his loss. Well, no, actually, I pun relentlessly at my kids because I like to torment them. Go to 15 Oct. 2009 for John's post "In Praise of Punning Dads". I really like the photo of him reading to his kids as well.

3. The glass roof that joins the British Library to the British Museum. This is one of mine, from 21 Nov. 2008. Brains, daydreaming, reality - we're back to Author in a Mirror land - but really I just like the picture.

4. 13 Jan. 2010 - Elen Caldecott's post on the mystery that is a writer's notebook - "When Chemistry Becomes Biology". A fascinating post and a photo of intriguing snippets.

5. 13 May 2010 Leila Rasheed says in her post "What I Did on My Holidays": "It strikes me that writers are just like farmers but without the benefits of lots of fresh air and exercise in their daily employment." I agree. And I do love her photo.

Finally, why IS the picture of the sheep's backside bigger than the other pictures? I could say that this is a statement of hidden significance, probably deeply ironic, and if you don't get it I'm not going to explain it you. Or I could just come clean and say I have no idea. Ask the gods of the internet. They aren't talking to me.

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Mary Hoffman's Newsletter said...

What a brilliant idea for a post, Joan, linking back into other ABBA posts. Nicky looks as if painted by Lucian Freud in taht mirror photo!

Really enjoyed it.

Sue Purkiss said...

Great post, Joan - but am puzzled about no 3. I thought I was in the British Museum a couple of weeks ago, and it does have a beautiful new extension/linking bit - but it's in Russell Square, a good old way from the British Library up near St Pancras. Or was I hallucinating?

Nicky said...

Nicky looks deranged! I had a shock when I saw that this morning. Interesting post!

Joan Lennon said...

Sue - That would be a very large roof indeed ... no, I'm sure what I actually meant was the Reading Room and the British Museum. Never mind. (I did this post in a hurry a few weeks ago and then did the delay post option thingy - I'm delighted to see it worked!)

Mike said...

Love all of these photos and the write-ups. You inspire me to post some more photos on my blog. Nicely done!