Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Get my new book FREE - Nick Green

Okay – here’s a deal for you. Pop over to my website and you can follow a link to download an e-book of my brand new novel absolutely free.
THE STORM BOTTLE is a fantastical adventure crammed with dolphins, boats, bottles, whales, ancient myths and mysterious messages. Check it out, it’s fun.
‘Why are you giving this book away for nothing?’ you may ask. Well, so far, no publisher has been keen enough to take it, but my readers have waited long enough for my next book, and I don’t want you to think I’ve been sitting idly eating fig rolls.
I wonder if I should really be using this blog for such direct promotional purposes, but as this offer is free, I hope my fellow authors won’t mind. In some ways it’s just a practical illustration of a blog-worthy topic: how hard it is to get a book published, even if you are already a published author.
With even a smidgen of luck, there will be a ‘proper’ edition of THE STORM BOTTLE in the shops in due course, but ‘due course’ in publishing usually means two to three years. Which is a long time, IMHO. So, in the meantime, anyone who wants to can download and read the e-book free of charge. I know that reading novels from a screen isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m sure some people don’t mind it, especially if you have a handheld reader. If you like the book, please visit my Message Board and tell me so.
And that’s it! A brand new, exclusive Nick Green book, absolutely free. Beat that, WHSmith.


Nicola Morgan said...

Good for you, Nick. As a fellow author on this blog, i certainly don't mind - I think we've all occasionally mentioned our own books! This is about a celebration of great stories and also communication with readers; I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you! (And good luck with getting it published too)

John Dougherty said...

What Nicola said. Well done, good luck, and why on earth should we mind???

Does it have a 'best before' date (see my comment on Kath's post?).

Nick Green said...

Cheers. I suppose it might have a 'best before' date, John - if a publisher decides after all to take it, then it'll come off. But then that will be a good thing...

Katherine Langrish said...

Good luck with it, Nick. If it's as good as your first two books this will certainly be the best free offer of the year. I'll be heading off to read it just as soon as I've read the other books I managed to obtain this week (see below...)

Better still, your online book will present no shelf-fitting problems!

Lee said...

Nicola, do read it. It's lovely - and no, despite what some people might think, I'm not saying that because it might be viewed as self-published. I'd be the first person to admit how much crud is available online or off.

I'll be doing a review of it at the weekend on my blog, will add the link when available.

Anonymous said...

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