Wednesday 12 August 2009

Cat Whispering - Joan Lennon

George, Parker and WT in the sink - Cleopatra would have been there too
if there'd been room

It isn't easy to find an activity that is madly, truly, deeply satisfying, and yet isn't connected to writing - at least that's what I've been finding lately. There was that bird of prey experience thing that was so fabulous, but that was (at least remotely) research for a book about a Viking boy and a golden eagle. But then, when I was in Canada visiting my family just lately, I discovered something wonderful, new and, though it seems disloyal to falcons, EVEN BETTER!

Cat Whispering.

Four feral kittens were born in my sister's garden in Toronto, where there is a big feral cat problem. In order for them to be adopted, the kittens must first be caught, and then socialised. Cunningly, I arrived after most of the hard work had been done. I got to spend time with them right at the end of the process, moving slowly, talking softly - and stroking! Four kittens to stroke! It was bliss. Kittens to the left of me - kittens to the right of me - I didn't worry about rewrites or fuss about editing or get my knickers in a twist about the state of the economy - it was all fur and purr and general satisfaction.

The perfect therapy, for writers or anyone (who likes cats ...)

Makes me smile, just remembering!

Cheers, Joan.


Nick Green said...

Where do I sign???

I love the way the three cats have decided that what their basket really needs is a hand-pump within easy reach for getting in the drinks.

If you haven't already, check out Jackie Morris's 'We Three Cats' blog, which has the best cat photography... in the wooooorld!

Mary Hoffman said...

Nick, I agree about the Ginger Darlings - have you got the calendar yet?

And, Joan, those basin babes are adorable!

adele geras said...

this photo has made my day! Lovely!Am going to find that we three cats website...

Stephanie said...

Cute photo!