Wednesday, 10 July 2013


A Guest Post from Fang-That-Bites-Sharp-in-the Forest (also known as Wolfie)

So.  A gaggle of children’s authors are celebrating their fifth birthday.  I’m not sure they deserve my best wishes.  

Children’s authors have not played fair with us wolves.  It all started out badly with that Big Bad Wolf so beloved of fairy tales.  A child-eating predator who usually ends up being chopped into pieces by woodcutters, or boiled in vats of water (as if a wolf wouldn’t be able to outwit three pigs!)

Those wargs of Mr Tolkien haven’t exactly helped our image, and then there came the werewolf craze...werewolves!  Don’t get me started.  It all leads to the idea that wolves are slathering, blood-crazed monsters...instead of the beautiful, intelligent creatures that we really are.

On the other hand, books are a good way of occupying human cubs, and keeping them out from under my paws when I go hunting.  I like my woods child-free!
Image: Gunnar Ries

Above all, we wolves are extremely polite.  At least, this one is.  So MANY HAPPY RETURNS!  And next time you’re thinking about penning a werewolf story – don’t!


Fang features in Wolfie – by Emma Barnes
More about Fang at Emma's web-site

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Joan Lennon said...

Polite, and beautiful! You can see why humans want to turn into you -