Wednesday, 10 July 2013

An Awfully Big Second Birthday

Have some cake.

You may want more than that. Our second birthday celebrations lasted for over a month, from the end of June 2010 to the beginning of August, as our team blogged on the theme of 'five', as follows:

Keren David's top five school stories

Five villains Ellen Renner loves to hate

Joan Lennon's five favourite photos from ABBA posts

Lynda Waterhouse's five foul weather friends

Five characters Sue Purkiss would like to meet

Five fabulous forays into Faerie with Lucy Coats

Five ways Anne Cassidy gets rid of the adults

Five fantastic routes into the past with Leslie Wilson

Five forms of howler, shared by Michelle Lovric

Marie-Louise Jensen's five favourite teen romances

Five things on Penny Dolan's desk 

Five children's books Karen Ball wishes she'd written

Gillian Philip's choice of five barnstorming books-to-movies 

Rather more than five Year Seven and Year Five top reads, as recommended to Savita Kalhan

Five of Elen Caldecott's favourite apocalypses 

Andrew Strong's five favourite epiphanies in children's literature

Meg Harper's five tips for visiting authors

Five things Leila Rasheed didn’t know until she got published

Dianne Hofmeyr's five favourite picturebook beasties

Five nostalgic crossover experiences shared by Adèle Geras

Five things no writer - very definitely including Celia Rees - wants to hear

Five things Miriam Halahmy, as a writer, can't live without 

Five things Anne Rooney, as a writer, uses every day

Five great depictions of childhood in novels for adults, as loved by John Dougherty

Linda Strachan's five things to keep you writing (and writing fit)

Five questions they always ask Ellen Renner during school visits

Five books that went under the radar, spotted by Catherine Johnson

N M Browne's five ways to write

Five mythical hero(in)es chosen by Charlie (aka Cathy) Butler

Hope you enjoy browsing through those - and at 4.00pm we'll revisit our third, and so far most spectacular, birthday! But don't forget to check in and see who else has joined the party in the meantime.


    Sarah Molloy said...

    very happy birthday, ABBA. For five years you've been a wonderful patchwork quilt of variety and interest. May we still be celebrating when you're 50.

    Linda Strachan said...

    Great post so many fascinating lists!

    julia lee said...

    Five is my favourite number. (How can you have a favourite number!?) What fun - thank you AABBA.

    adele said...

    A very happy birthday to all my chums at ABBA. As an ABBA reviewer, if not a blogger, I am very proud to belong to such a great organisation/blog etc. You are all splendid and I will revisit the blog at my leisure to see all the FIVES people have put up! Here's to the next five years.

    adele said...

    OH gosh...I see what's's the fives from the SECOND birthday....silly me!