Sunday, 1 April 2018


Today is Easter Sunday but, as the First of April, the date is also known as All Fools Day. 

Here, for before or after your Easter Egg Hunt, are a few rather easy and ancient library jokes.
(Answers below.)

1. What has a spine but no bones?

2. What's the longest word in the dictionary?
3. Who tells the most fibs in school? 

4. In what section of the library can you get bitten by a snake? 

5. Why is a maths book always unhappy?

6. On a scale from one to ten, how big a Harry Potter fan are you?  

7. What’s the tallest building in the world? 

 8. What did the frog say when he landed on a book? 

Finally, a short story of times past: 

It was midnight, and the librarian was at home by the fire, deep in a really interesting book. All at once, the phone rang. The librarian, a little concerned by the time, decided to answer.

A gruff, unknown voice spoke. "When does the Library open?"

The librarian hesitated but, being a true professional, replied: "The Library will open at nine o'clock in the morning." Then, overwhelmed by curiosity, she asked "Why are you calling me at midnight to get in?" 

The questioner's voice trembled a little, and then burst out plaintively. 
"I don't want to get IN! I want to get OUT!

Somehow this tale made me think about those "attendant-free twenty-four hour " libraries now being tried out by some authorities. I know I really wouldn't like to visit one of those libraries alone at night. Just in case the automatic system failed and nobody, anywhere, was watching . . .  

Have a Very Happy Easter Weekend! 
 Penny Dolan 

Answers:  1: A book; 2: Smiles Because there’s a mile between each S; 3: The Lie-brarian; 4: The Hisssstory section; 5: Because it always has lots of problems; 6: Nine and three-quarters; 7: A library, because it has lots of stories; 8: Reddit, reddit, reddit.


Joan Lennon said...

Never met a library joke I didn't love - thanks, Penny!

Steve Gladwin said...

Groan, Penny, (but in a positive way!) Thanks.

Lynne Benton said...

Great fun, Penny - many thanks!

Penny Dolan said...

Thanks, everyone. It's back to a sensible day tomorrow.