Thursday, 28 September 2017

The quirkiest thing your book's been turned into? - Clémentine Beauvais

A short one today!

We know (and might hope) that our books could get turned into audiobooks, plays, films, comics, songs, toys, postcards, T-shirts, games, stationery, posters...

the play drawn from my novel Les petites reines (Piglettes)

...but there are some things we don't necessarily foresee.

Here are two recent funny/ quirky things I've found my book being turned into (or bits of my book becoming). Both are from my YA novel Les petites reines/ Piglettes.

- A plate:

By the lovely young book blogger and vlogger Tom, who took a ceramic-painting class and thought he'd like a plate that says #3boudins, namely the hashtag used in the French version of Piglettes to refer to the three girls (Piglettes in English).

- Nail art:

This one floored me. This artist at Cook Read Create makes videos where she paints (incredibly delicately and beautifully) fake nails to match her favourite book covers:

Just look at her amazing Instagram account - she's got dozens, including many YA books. I particularly love the one for The Smell of Other People's Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock.

How about you, dear colleagues? what's the quirkiest, sweetest, funniest, most unexpected thing your book's been turned into?


Clémentine Beauvais is a children's and young adult author in French and English, as well as a literary translator. Her latest YA novel, Piglettes, is out with Pushkin Press.


G-Sea Jelly Gamat Emas Rasa Jeruk said...

Nice information.. i like your blog. :)

Dianne Hofmeyr said...

Jane Ray and I have a play on at the moment for Zeraffa Giraffa and Piet Grobler and I had a special composition for a symphony orchestra for The Magic Bojabi Tree but because I was once a ceramicist, I really like the idea of a plate. It's quite commemorative. Sort of Wimbledonish. I suppose other people have dedicated fluffy toys but a set of nails and a plate seems to me to be the most stylish as well as quirkiest!