Thursday, 10 August 2017

National Book Lovers Day by Jess Butterworth

As I write this, it is National Book Lovers Day, a day for bibliophiles to celebrate their love of books. This day always reminds me of Matilda, by Roald Dahl, and the feisty five-year-old protagonist who makes her life bearable by teaching herself to read, devouring books and surrounding herself in literature from her local library. It’s also one of my favourite books!

In my mind, Book Lovers Day isn’t limited to once a year, so here are some ways to celebrate your love of reading every day!

1.    Visit a library.

2.    Find a favourite spot to read, or make a reading nook.

3.     Try a book swap with a friend.

4.     Read blogs about books.

5.     Join a book club.

6.     Attend a literary festival or author event.

7.     Buy a new notebook to start your own story in.

8.     Write a review. It will make an author’s day and be valuable to other readers too.

9.   Visit bookshops. 

10.  Read aloud. 

Happy Reading!

Jess Butterworth 
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Penny Dolan said...

Hope some people managed to do some of these book-loving ideas - but just a day? Think the 365 day year is for book-loving!!! Great post and thanks for spreading the information, Jess.