Sunday, 26 March 2017

Spring Cleaning - Eloise Williams

Spring has sprung, finally, and with it a time for new ventures.

I’ve done the usual things like emptying my wardrobe for a fresh start – then putting everything back again. Going through drawers full of bits and bobs which have no use – then putting them all back again. Rearranging the furniture for a new look to the house – then putting it all back again.

I guess I’m either messy or I like things the way they are.

My final effort at starting afresh this Spring is in decorating my writing shed.

Or, as we call it in its current state, the shed.


When I first moved here we decided that this teeny, tiny, wooden structure would be my writing shed. The hub of literature. A place for me to pen amazing wonders.  I would be Sylvia Plath in there. Mary Shelley, Dorothy Parker, the Bronte sisters rolled into one. I filled it with useful writing things, then shut the door and worked on the kitchen table. It’s warmer and close to the food.

But I am now starting on the shed with renewed energy because my Middle Grade book ‘Gaslight’ is just out (EEK!) and I need to move onto my next novel and get down to some serious writing.  

What better way to procrastinate than by decorating?!


I’ve bought vintage wallpaper. Think songbirds and owls. And will now go about our lovely seaside town purchasing all sorts of writerly writing thingies. I might have to put a limit on my spending as I can get carried away with stationary expenditure.

I’m getting carpet, and a heater, and lights. You know it’s the bigtime when you get lights in a shed!

I have the launch for ‘Gaslight’ coming and lots of festivals and events, so they’ll come first, obviously (and you are welcome to come to any or all of them!) but then I am going to go all Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen for a good long while.

And when I’ve finished my Spring decorating (probably by about mid-Summer) I’m going to sit in my writing shed, looking at my shiny new book in my shiny new lights, and write more than ever before.

A new start for Spring. A new start for me.  



Penny Dolan said...

Good wishes to you and your book and your shed, Eloise - and the writing, too!

Lynne Benton said...

Good luck, Eloise, and congratulations! (Maybe it's time I started doing some spring-cleaning too!)

David L. Ollis said...
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Chitra Soundar said...

Congratulations on your new book. I too have a dream that I would have a writing shed some day. Now that I have a garden, I feel as if the shed is closer than I think.