Saturday, 25 March 2017

Being Disorganised by Tamsyn Murray

OK, a confession: I missed my blogging slot here last month. In fact, I didn't miss it at all, which was part of the problem: I didn't even notice that I hadn't written anything. And here I am this month, later than I should be. I think it's time to face the truth  - I am a disorganised mess.

At the wonderful Folly Farm Winter Warmer weekend last November, Kelly McKain led a session about working too hard that really resonated with me. She reminded us that we should make time to play, in amongst all our hard graft, because it's partly through play that we refill our creativity. I've become a bit better at that this year - this week, I spent an evening in Montmartre, 1899, taking part in Secret Cinema's Moulin Rouge - but I am still working hard. And the knock-on effect of that is that I'm starting to drop some of the plates I'm spinning. I am getting more and more disorganised. One of these days, I will not be somewhere I am supposed to be and then I will feel terrible.

I'm not totally sure what the answer is. I could pay someone to manage my diary for me, and give me a list of things I need to do, but I think I might struggle to relinquish what little control I have left. Weirdly, I think I was better organised when I still had a day job and only wrote a few days a week. Those few days at the day job were usually when I managed my writing diary and answered emails - now, I often see emails as an irritation and put off answering them as long as possible. And I dither and procrastinate a lot more too. Is it simply because my brain thinks I have more time to write, so I can afford to spend three hours looking at dancing kittens?

So, I guess what I want to know is, what are your top tips for being better organised? How do you keep all your plates spinning and make time to play too? Is there any hope for me?


Disorganised of Hertfordshire


Rowena House said...

Assuming one can't learn to love the sound of smashing plates, my sole tip is this: as soon as you remember something important, write it on a strip of paper IMMEDIATELY & sellotape/blue tac it to the front door or where ever you will absolutely, definitely & unquestionably see it. The barn cats would've starved to death whenever my husband's away were it not for this high-tech solution. *smiles & waves absent-mindedly*

Chitra Soundar said...

Hi Tamsyn,

I know what you mean. I have a day job, along with doing a Masters and also writing books, doing school visits and such. My tip is to use your calendar as an assistant. I write down every item I need to do into slots and set reminders that kick off a week ahead, two days ahead, a day ahead etc. But once I write down all my calendar items - university submissions, travel for school visits, blog post reminders, publishing deadlines etc I feel I have more control.

But there is no substitute for saying Yes fewer times I think. I'm going to be selective about events I do and goals I set myself. :)

I too want more time to do nothing, connect with my subconscious, fill the well as I say. :)

Good luck in taming the octopus that's your schedule.