Saturday, 10 September 2016

And They Call It...Puppy Love - Eve Ainsworth

I mentioned on my last blog that my next post might have a doggy bias. I’m afraid my prophecy was correct. But hey, don’t be too hard on me. My last few weeks have been puppy obsessed – I’ve barely been able to focus on anything else – so what else can you expect. Having a puppy really is like having another baby – expect this one is likely to nip every part of you and chew up your socks.

But I’ve nagged my husband for this dog for 10 years, so I can hardly complain, can I? I have also justified it by saying a dog is good for my writing. These are my strong (yeah, right!) arguments:

  • ·      A dog means walks. Which means lots and lots of thinking of time. Lots of plotting, lots of character development. My brain will be bursting with ideas.
  • ·      Walks mean people. I get to meet lots of other people getting on with their business. Interestingly, dog walking means meeting the same people at the same time – also great for character development etc. And:
  • ·      Meeting people stops me being a little hermit rotting away at my desk, which also:
  • ·      Stops me eating ALL THE JAFFA CAKES
  • ·      Also, having to look after a puppy is all about structure - certain times to take him out for exercise, training, toilet etc, so I have to fit in my writing accordingly. I seem to write better when I have to fit my writing into time slots (I am a sadist, obviously)
  • ·      I get to take lots of puppy pictures and post them on Instagram. I like to think this is boosting my presence online. OK, I’m kidding myself – I just like taking pictures of my cute dog.
  • ·      When I get a bad review/tough edits/writers’ block (delete as appropriate) I now have a puppy to snuggle to make me feel better.
  • ·      I have an excuse to look bedraggled, un-made-up, and tired due to lack of sleep and early morning alarm calls (otherwise known as barking…).
  • ·      I have someone to talk to, other than the biscuit tin.

Anyone want a puppy picture to motivate them today? Go on then, you twisted my arm

Have a great day

Eve and Woody xx

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Sue Purkiss said...

Sweet! The chewing does slack off - our dog is a year old now, and I noticed the other day that I'd left a pair of walking shoes lying about and they were still intact after a whole day - they wouldn't have survived five minutes to start off with!