Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hybrids by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

I am a hybrid. Not a strange hedgehog/human cross (although I like the idea apart from the whole munching bugs thing); not an alien life form - but that strange creature, a hybrid author. Nope; that still sounds strange. It sounds as though I am part author, part...other. Maybe penguin.

Anyway - what the term 'hybrid author' seems to mean to some people is that an author is traditionally published, by big publishing houses as well as self published - by themselves, presumably. This is not what I mean, however. By 'hybrid author,' I mean I am historically traditionally published, and have been for over eighteen years. In addition to that, I have started a small press. I know; that sounds crazy as publishers are going under or being eaten by giants. Not literally, you understand. That would be messy.

The Forest House Press began as the result of being left some money by my mum when she died. Now, my parents were extremely supportive of my writing, and had to have a copy of everything I published in what they called their 'archive' - unbearably sweet to remember that. So starting the press was something they would be proud of, and approve of. I  am not competing with any large (or even medium...or even small!) publishers out there; I know my niches and intend to publish in those. I have written craft, educational and self help books for years; we'll be publishing those. We are currently working on a range of patterns for kits and a book for Faerierealms. We are approaching non-traditional markets such as craft sellers, knitting shops and gift shops as well as book shops - we know where our customers live, as it were.

                                 Half author; half cupcake. The perfect hybrid for elevenses!

We are on a steep learning curve. I have a good team behind me, including two fabulous interns this summer. So watch this space - the hybrid author will be the bleary-eyed one in the corner.


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Good luck!

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Wonderful, all the best with this!