Friday 20 February 2015

Problems of Presentation - Joan Lennon

A while back I tackled the ticklish problem of how we present ourselves at readings, festivals, author visits - any time we are obliged to get out of our pjs and face the public.  That post focused on women writers and their clothes dilemmas.  With men writers, there are fewer versions of shirt/trousers, sweater/trousers, jacket/trousers to get wrong.  But there is one thing - one vital decision - that I would like to address today - and that is ...

Nobody said being a writer was going to be easy - here's wishing you luck in your decision.

P.S. Apropos of nothing writerly, I'm a big fan of this video too - Yo Mama.

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Penny Dolan said...

With the World Book Day round of visits coming up, this is definitely time to be making the right hair choice. Thanks, Joan, for all this wisdom.

I am currently veering between "book urgent hairdresser's scissors appt NOW" and "Oh just leave it alone. That way, there'll be no unexpected horrors on a rushed visit morning. Just the familiar horrors." :-)

Joan Lennon said...

Really, you could arrive with a paper bag over your head and they'll still love your visits - you're great!

(Actually, may be on to something there ...)