Wednesday, 10 July 2013

P.A.R.T.Y. TIME and a giveaway - Linda Strachan

 ABBA is 5 today.  It's time to Party!

P is for the People -Those writers, illustrators, readers and teachers, reviewers, other bloggers and all who have taken part and made it so fascinating and wonderful fun to read.

A is for Assortment- The amazing variety of subjects ABBA has covered over the years. Take any month and you will find blogs about research,  life as a writer, book launches, notebooks, campaigns and almost anything else from giraffes to wolves, art and science, our childhoods and the future.

R is for  'Awfully Big Reviews' - offering a list of great books with well considered thoughts that will make you want to read them.

T is for a Treat - each day you can find something new and different on ABBA truly a treat to look forward to!

Y is for YES! and Many more YEARS! and YEA! for ABBA!

It's been an amazing five years - It's been entertaining with much laughter and fun, educational, full of discussion on books and  reading  (what could be better). It is an inspiration  to share creative writing ideas and methods of working and to communicate with so many like minded individuals. Truly excellent.
I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers and readers and all those faithful friends who comment regularly, for helping to make it such an fantastic experience as both an ABBA blogger and a reader. 

Giveaway-  To celebrate ABBA's 5th Birthday I am giving away a copy of
Writing for Children   

If you would like to win it just leave a comment saying you want to be in the draw and first out of the hat (on 15th July) wins.

'I've started recommending this book to budding authors who come to me for advice about writing and submitting their children's books.'  
Awfully Big Reviews 



Sue Purkiss said...

Hear hear!

John Dougherty said...

Can I enter the draw?

And, couldn't agree more with the rest of the post!

A Wilson said...

Me too! Are Sassies allowed to enter? If so, yes please! Great post.

thinking of the days said...

Oh, I'd really like a copy of this so please enter me in the draw...and happy birthday!

Linda Strachan said...

Absolutely, anyone is welcome to enter the draw!!

John Dougherty said...

In that case, count me in!

malrostan said...

Many happy ABBA returns!
Me too, please.

catdownunder said...

Am I allowed to enter the draw or is Downunder too far away for a lion to travel?
Oh never mind I will suggest the bookshop orders a copy for their Young Writers' Group.

Linda Strachan said...

Thank you, Cat, it would be lovely to think the young writers club had a copy but it is aimed at anyone wanting to write for children, not particularly for 'young' writers, although I do think those who write for children are usually young at heart, regardless of actual age!

I will put you in the draw. I did say 'anyone' can enter so it only seems fair!!

Jerry Brannigan said...

I want to be in the draw and be first out of the hat.

My almost three year old granddaughter makes up better stories than I do, so I want to write her book for her.

Linda Strachan said...

Good luck, Jerry!

Frances Jane Richards said...

I'd like to be in the draw too Linda, Finger's crossed! Jane

Catherine said...

Happy fifth birthday!

I would love to win a copy of Writing for Children. Thankyou for such a great giveaway :)

Janet Boddy said...

Happy Birthday! Book looks great, would love to win a copy!

Esther Brand said...

I'd like to be in the draw too please

Linda Strachan said...

And the WINNER is.....

Thinking of the days


please contact me on twitter @strachanlinda or through my website and we can sort out the details.

To all the other entrants and thank you for entering the giveaway- and for all your birthday wishes to ABBA :)

If you want to know more about my WRITING FOR CHILDREN book there is a post about it on my blog

thinking of the days said...

Such lovely news... Than you! Really Looking forward to reading this Linda!